Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Man With a Mission

I wanted to take the time to post an update about the little kitten I rescued. I didn't actually find him. He came to me round about, through a neighbor who found him wobbling down her driveway and teetering at the edge of the street. I'm happy to say that he has a home now. It was no easy task but nothing worthwhile comes easy.

It took dozens of phone calls and hours of surfing the web.  There were many almosts and tons more of 'sorry's. My 'last' call (for I was about ready to just go ahead and keep him myself, even though that wasn't what I had first intended) was to a local vet whose ad in the phone book mentioned his work with a rescue group. The receptionist regretfully told me that he no longer took in strays and abandoned cats. Just as I was about to hang up she added "but try PetCo." PetCo? The pet store? She explained that there was a rescue group based out of a local PetCo. I took the number but from experience just knew that they probably didn't take cats people turned in. Most of these groups go out and rescue ferals and strays and bring the cats in for adoption. I made the call anyway and it truly became my last call.

His name was Dave and he was the founder, the wearer of all hats, of a foundation named "Pets 4 Love". That I actually got a human being when I called was surprise enough. When he wholeheartedly told me to bring him down, that he would 'fit one more in' I couldn't believe my luck. After close to eighty 'no's and 'no room's I had struck gold. It wasn't until I met him at the store that I realized that I was meeting a man who truly was an angel.

The minute I saw him take that kitten out of the crate and tuck him in his arms I knew I had accomplished what I had set out to do. From the beginning when I took the kitten from my neighbor my goal had been to relieve her of what I knew would be some work. She had two year old triplets and I knew it would be a lot of work for her not only to find a home for the kitten but to venture out with active triplets and a crying kitten in her minivan. It was the least one neighbor could do for another. Even I hadn't bargained for the endless phone calls, hours on the internet and a kitten living in my basement for three weeks(his unknown health status meant he had to be kept away from own cats). It was more than I had wanted to do but meeting Dave made it all worth it.

After cuddling the kitten on his neck he immediately diagnosed an upper respiratory infection. "No worries. I have the meds here. He'll be fine in a day or two," he sing songed in an upbeat, positive voice. Never mind that he had cages filled with thirty three kittens that also needed homes. Never mind that almost twenty adult cats lingered as potential adoptees gazed excitedly at their young competitors. Never mind that he was putting every dollar he had into the care of these cats. Never mind that his devotion to their cause cost him his marriage and home.

If I ever wonder again what it means to have a mission in life I need only picture Dave holding that kitten, standing in the midsts of kittens and cats. Dave, whose dedication to saving as many cats as he can by making sure they get the medical care they need, loving them, giving them shelter and working tirelessly to find them their 'forever home'.

Because they can not say how much you mean to them, because they can not say thank you I wrote this blog post for them...from all of us who know how dim the feral cat situation is on Long Island I would like to take this opportunity to say "Dave, you are a beacon of light and hope - thank you for all you do!"

If you would like to make a donation to Pets 4 Love (all donations go 100% to the care of the cats) please send an email to

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